The Fantasy Sports Site Challenge

Points are allocated for each sport played within the Fantasy Sports Site Confederation. A player earns points based on his/her finish and the total number of competitors for that particular sport. A percentile system is used, much like they use in school rankings. The top person is 100% above everyone else who played. Each player is given a score between 0-100 (without the % sign used)

This format applies to all sports, with racing being the sole-exception. With five different racing leagues available, a player receives points based on his/her best finish within any of the five leagues. For example, if a player earned 30 challenge points from Cup racing and 27 points from In The Groove Racing...then he/she earns 30 points for racing.

2020 Top 5
1Stephen DiCaprio 189
2Darrell Cox 182
3Kevin Sullivan 168
4Shane Burton 164
5Zach Kruep 157
Complete Standings
2019 Top 5
1Steve Ruth 708
2John Krygier 662
3Todd Oliver 627
4John Smogolski 600
5Scott Schmitt 596
Complete Standings
2018 Top 5
1John Krygier 753
2Steve Ruth 649
3John Smogolski 632
4Stephen DiCaprio 590
5Will Riney 538
Complete Standings
2017 Top 5
1John Smogolski 722
2Nate Bishop 678
3Steve Ruth 618
4Darrell Cox 596
5Zach Kruep 591
Complete Standings
2016 Top 5
1John Smogolski 746
2Kevin Sullivan 726
3John Krygier 601
4Greg Miller 578
5Will Riney 577
Complete Standings
2015 Top 5
1Steve Ruth 595
2Greg Miller 579
3John Smogolski 561
4Will Riney 540
5Stephen DiCaprio 506
Complete Standings