RULES OF Full Court Association

1. Each week is divided into 2 halves. Each player submits picks twice a week. The first set of picks are for one weekday slate, the first half. The second set of picks are for one weekend day slate, the second half. Picks are due 24 hrs before the start of the first NBA game on that slate.

2. Each half will consist of 10 shots/picks. (A total of 20 shots for the entire game.) Each shot is either a free throw, 2 point field goal, or 3 pointer. The amount of points a shot is worth depends on how tough the game is to select. The commissioner will list the worth of each game prior to each week.
2a. A game's worth is based on the teams' winning percentages. If the two teams' winning percentages are separated by .075 or less, than that game is worth 3 points. If the winning percentages are between .076 and .249, the game is worth 2 points. If the difference is .250 or greater, than the game is worth 1 point. These numbers may be altered by the Commissioner at any time, if he feels there are too many games in one particular point category on a regular basis. The Commissioner has the right to alter these numbers during the season, if he feels there are consistently too many shots in one category.

3. Each shot that goes in (team wins), equals that number of points for the NBPA player. If the shot is missed (team loses), then that player gets no points. (Points are not subtracted).

4. A team earns a rebound for each team they pick that wins by 10 or more points. A rebound gives a player an additional bonus point. It is possible to get 10 bonus points in a half if all picks win by double digits.

5. The winner is determined by adding up the points earned for both halves. Since there is no overtime rule in affect at the current time, a tie will be deemed as such. It should not happen often.

6. Here is the tie-breaker rules to be used in case there are ties in the standings at the conclusion of the regular season: a- Head to Head Record, b- Total Points Scored, c- Divisional Record (if applicable), d- Strength of Schedule, e- 3 Point Shooting Percentage, f- 2 Point Shooting Percentage, g- Foul Shooting Percentage, h- League Vote

7. For 2019-2020, the playoffs will include a total of 10 teams. The top 2 of each division qualify and earn a first round bye. The remaining 4 slots will be wildcard teams. These teams can come from any division. The wild cards will play in the opening round of the playoffs.
Teams will be seeded: Top 3 are the divisional winners, Next 3 are the second place teams, Last 4 are the wildcard teams.
For the first three rounds of the playoffs, home teams will earn one extra shot per game (utilized in the second half picks) and wins if the game ends up tied. The Championship Game will have no such advantage. If the FCA Finals ends in a tie, a tie-breaker period will be created.