Journey to the Cup Rules Page

A. Schedule
     All NHL games used in this league will be played for a seven day span. Players will choose teams prior to each span. The start of the season will be in October. The regular season will end in December. The month of January is reserved for the playoffs.

B. Playoffs
     12 teams qualify for the playoffs. The divisional winners will own the top 4 seeds and will receive a first round bye. The four second-place finishers will be seeds 5-8 and be the home teams in the first round of the playoffs. The final 4 seeds will be the next best 4 teams by record that did not finish in the top 2 of their respective divisions.

C. How To Play
     Each week, a player must select 2 NHL teams to represent him/her. The records of those two teams during that particular week of play are given to the player's overall record. A regulation win equals 2 goals for the player that picks that team. A team picked that goes into overtime (regardless if they win or lose) gives that player 1 goal. A regulation loss is 0 goals. Whoever has the most accumulated goals wins. If a matchup ends in a tie, it remains that.
     Once a player selects a team, they cannot choose that team again for the regular season. On the main page is a listing of what NHL teams a player has not selected yet.

D. Forfeits
     If a player fails to submit picks on time, he/she will earn 0 goals that week. Also, two NHL teams will be removed from that team's menu of choices. Those two teams will simply be those that have the best record at that point in the season. If a player sends in picks with a team already chosen that season, he/she will be allocated the team with the worst record remaining on that player's menu of choices..

E. Playoff Season Play
     Once the playoffs start, each postseason player's choices of NHL teams start over. All NHL teams will be allowed to choose from at that point. Once again, once a player selects an NHL team for the postseason, that team cannot be chosen again. Instead of the regular season rule of choosing 2 NHL teams per week, the playoff rounds will involve sets of 4 NHL teams each. Scoring will also change during the playoffs. Wins (OT or regulation) count as 1 goal each. Each Loss (OT or regulation) counts as 0 goals.

F. Home Ice Advantage
     The player with the higher seeding will receive bonus points as part of being the "home team" for a given round in the playoffs. Bonus points awarded are based on the diffences between the seeds. The highest seed in the first two rounds of the playoffs will receive 3 bonus points. The second highest gets 2 bonus points. The third highest has 1 bonus point. Home teams own the tie-breaker, if needed.
     Teams do not receive any bonus points for the final two rounds of the playoffs. However, home-ice advantage still does apply.

G. Tie Breaker Rules
     The following steps will be utilized to break ties within standings:
           1. Number of wins on season
           2. Head-to-head record (If 3+ teams tied-->record among those teams)
           3. Total goals scored for the season
           4. Divisional record (if teams tied are in same division)
           5. Record against common opponents
           6. Record against playoff teams
           7. Strength of schedule
           8. Goals scored in last regular season game. If tied, go to the prior week, etc...