We recommend visiting the site at least once a week to see where you placed the previous week,
where you are in the standings, and to submit your picks for the next week.

Sign Up:
To sign up for the Victory Lane Racing Xfinity Series, visit the Fantasy Sport Site Sign Up Page and
fill out the required fields. All members are required to participate in the Camping World Truck
Series and/or Xfinity Series before getting their shot at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Waiting List/Xfinity & Sprint Cup Series Call-Up Rules:
There is no longer a waiting list for the Xfinity Series, as players are called up to the series based
on performance in the Camping World Truck Series. When a spot in the Xfinity Series opens up, it
will be offered to the player highest in the Camping World Truck Series points without a spot in
the Xfinity Series. The same applies for an open spot in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
(highest in Xfinity Series points).

The only exception to this rule is if a player wins a Championship in the In The Groove Racing
League (automatic Cup Series entry) or in the Camping World Truck Series (automatic Xfinity
Series entry).

Beginning in 2017, the bottom three finishing players in points are no longer guaranteed a spot in
the series the following season. This will allow for Champions from lower series who do not
already have a spot in the higher series to be given a chance in the higher series.

The Victory Lane Racing Xfinity Series will remain FREE in 2017.

There will, however, be an optional money game. Each player may choose to pay $5 to enter the
2017 money game, and the top finishing player in points who played in the money game will
receive the cash prize at the end of the season.

Contact for payment options.

Be sure to check out the schedule page for 2017. Note: All race names may not be correct. I took
the schedule posted on before the season started and some race sponsors and names
may have changed. To see the 2017 Xfinity Series Schedule, click

All Victory Lane Racing Xfinity Series Results are saved on the site. Click HERE to see the
Results/Standings for the Victory Lane Racing Xfinity Series.

Rookie Of The Year:
The 2017 Rookie of the Year Rules:
1. To be eligible for the 2017 Victory Lane Racing Xfinity Series Rookie of the Year award, a player
can not have started in anymore than 7 races in the Victory Lane Racing Xfinity Series in one
season or 15 races in any seasons combined.
2. The highest finishing rookie will receive ten (10) points, while the second highest will receive
eight (8) points. This will continue down through the 5th rookie, who will receive two (2) points.
Each rookie receives 1 point just for starting the race (no picks submitted will receive 0 points,
even if they receive provisional points).
3. If an Xfinity Series rookie finishes in the top 10 in a race, they will receive bonus points for
whichever position they finished. A win will result in 10 bonus points. 2nd 9 bonus points. 3rd 8
bonus points, and so on, all the way down to 10th, who will receive 1 bonus point. Any finish
outside the top 10 will result in 0 bonus points.
7. Each player's best 27 finishes in the Xfinity Series will count in the final Rookie of the Year
standings. Each player's four (8) lowest scoring races (roughly 25%) will be dropped to allow some
margin of error for "rookie" mistakes.

Race Entry List:
It is recommended that each player check the entry list on, or Jayski.
com before submitting picks each week.

Weekly Groups:
Players will submit picks for every race. The groups are set up by owner's points. There are 6
groups, which make up the top 20 in owner's points. Groups 3 and 6 will be a "bonus driver" from
groups 1 or 2 and groups 3 or 4. Also, every player has the option of choosing "Other" for group #5,
and writing in a driver NOT ALREADY ON THE PICK SHEET IN

Be sure to enter your name, email address and race winner (tie breaker) before entering your

To see the groups, click

*In the event that a driver on the pick sheet doesn't participate in that car, players will receive the points from whoever
the driver is in that car for that race. You're picking the car, not the driver.*

Picks Deadline:
Weekly deadlines will be the night before each race. For a Saturday race, picks will be due at
midnight EST on Friday night. You may change any of your drivers up until the deadline. Once the
deadline has passed, you may not change your picks under any circumstances (we reserve the
right to change the entry deadline for any race with notice). Late picks will not be accepted.

Each player will be allowed three (3) provisionals during the season. If picks are not submitted
before the deadline, a player's picks from the previous race will be used, and they will earn:
1st Provisional: 75% of the points earned by previous race's drivers.
2nd Provisional: 50% of the points earned by previous race's drivers.
3rd Provisional: 25% of the points earned by previous race's drivers.

If a player misses picks two races in a row, they will not be able to use a provisional for the
second race.

After three provisionals are used, and failure to submit picks for a fourth time, the player will be
removed from the league.

Determining a Winner: Each player will choose 6 drivers per race. Your 6 diver's points added up
will be your "Race Points". The player with the highest amount of race points is that week's race

Determining a Season Champion: The first 26 races of the season will be the "regular season",
followed by 3 playoff rounds comprised of 7 races. At the end of each race, the winner will receive
50 points, and then 2nd through 45th will be awarded points on a 45-to 2 scale. Those finishing
below 45th will be awarded one point.
  • Players will carry bonus points - called "playoff points" - throughout the entire playoffs
    (instead of just the first round) when the points get reset at playoff time. Players will earn
    five playoff points for every race win and will earn a playoff point for any segment the
    drivers they choose win throughout the season.
  • The top-10 players in the standings at the conclusion of the regular season also earn
    additional playoff points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale. Players will continue to
    accumulate points throughout the playoffs and carry all of the points earned during the
    year into each of the first two playoff rounds.
  • Qualifying for the playoffs remains the same - the regular-season champion plus 11
    players based on wins with ties broken by points will get into the playoffs, as long as they
    are in the top 30 in the standings.
  • The playoffs will remain divided into two three-race rounds with four players eliminated
    after each round to set up four finalists for the season finale at Homestead-Miami
    Speedway. Players automatically qualify into the next round with a win in that playoff
    round, and the remaining spots filled by the point standings. At Homestead, the top-
    finishing player among the four finalists at the end of the race wins the Victory Lane
    Racing Xfinity Series Championship!

Tie Breaking:
In a Race: If there is a tie in a race, the player's choice of a race winner will be their tie breaker.
Whoever's driver finishes highest, wins that tie. If the drivers who tied have the same race
winner, the player highest in points entering the race wins the tie.

In the points: If there is a tie in the point standings, the player with the most wins will win the tie.
If the two players are tied with wins, it will go top 5's, top 10's and if all else fails, whoever was
highest in points the previous race.

Facebook Group:
The Fantasy Sport Site has a Facebook Group for all of the players in all of the games. It is
recommended that each player in each of the games requests to join our group, as the
administrators for the games will be in contact with everyone there. To go to the Facebook group
and request to join, click

Race Errors/Changes:
There will be a one week window where points can change after a race. If you add up your points
and find an error, let know within 7 days and action will be
taken to fix that error. After 7 days, the results are frozen and can no longer be changed.

Rule Changes:
We reserve the right to change or amend any rule during the season. Any change that occurs will
happen before a race and will not affect the outcome of any previous race. Any rule changes will
be posted on the site and emailed to all members.

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