Overview: This league runs an entire calendar year. It follows the ATP men's and WTA women's tennis circuits. Approximately, each month of the calendar year is equivalent to a "tournament" in SST. Each SST tournament will comprise of 4 rounds; each round represents one ATP or WTA tournament.

SST Tournament Set-Up:  Each SST tournament will consist of 4 rounds. The first round may utilize byes. The top ranked 4 players, going into the tournament, will earn those seeds. All other players will be randomly assigned the other slots. The tournament will be a one-and-done approach. Losing players are eliminated while winners advance.

Exhibition Matches:  All players who are not playing in a given week, because of being eliminated or having a bye, will play an exhibition game against another such player. Since ranking points are assigned after each week of play, it is crucial to allow everyone to play each given week for the sake of fairness. Winners of exhibition games will receive ranking points from their performance and wins/losses are added to the players' records.

Salary Guide:  A salary guide is determined for both the men's and women's side. The amount each tennis player is worth is based on their ATP/WTA ranking points. These salary guides will be adjust approximately every 1-2 months. The salary guide is important because it is a component with making picks for each tournament. If a player is not listed on the salary guide, then his/her worth is 0K, or free.

Match Play:  Each match will consist of three sets. The player who wins two or three sets, wins the match. (All three sets will count, even if a player wins the first two.)

Match Scoring:  To determine who wins a set, the total number of match victories by the ATP/WTA players they picked will be added together. Whoever has the most victories, wins the set. If the victories are equal, then a set tie-breaker is utilized. See below for tie-breaker rules.
Final scoring will mimic tennis scores, eg. 6-4, 7-6, 6-2, etc. If a player wins by 3, then they earn the score 6-3. If a player wins by 5 points, the score is 6-1. If a player wins by 1 point, the score is 7-5. If a player wins by a set tie-breaker, the score is 7-6.

Set Tie-Breaker:  These rules will apply if both players earn the same number of victories for a given set:
1- The number of players picked that entered the tournament.
2- The number of players picked that did not lose in a first round that has byes. If a particular tournament has no byes, this step is skipped.
3- The winning percentage of sets played by players picked.
4- Winning percentage of games by players picked.
5- Lowest salary utilized when picking players.
6- SST player that submitted their picks first.

SST Ranking Points: 
SST Ranking Points Chart

SST Cup Playoffs:  The top 4 players, by Ranking Points, at the end of the regular season qualify for the postseason. The playoffs will be 3 rounds long. the #4 player will play the #3 player. The winner takes on the #2 player. The winner of the second round then plays the #1 player for the Cup.
The format will be similar to the regular season, with only one major exception: tie-breakers. If a set ends in tie, then the higher ranked player will win it 7-6.