Sign Up:
To sign up for the Sunday Gridiron Challenge, visit the Sign Up Page on the main page at Fill out all required fields and we will respond and put you on the
waiting list for the game.

Team Names:
All players must select a team name. Team names must be one of two ways; (1) Name Mascot
(ex: Miller's Hitmen) or (2) Location Mascot (ex: Waxhaw Thrillers).

Schedule and Divisions:
After the season sign-up deadline has passed, a round robin schedule will be developed. The
Sunday Gridiron Challenge regular season will be played during the NFL's weeks 1-13. NFL
weeks 14-17 will constitute the Sunday Gridiron Challenge Playoffs. Teams will be randomly
split into two 16 team conferences with four divisions each (based on a 32 team league).

Changing Weekly Picks
If you wish to make a change to your picks, you must do so before the 11:59pm ET Saturday
deadline. No picks can be changed after the deadline has passed.

Missing Picks
No late picks will be accepted. If your picks are not in by the 11:59pm ET Saturday deadline, you
will forfeit your game for the week. If you miss sending your picks twice, your team will be taken
over by the league and given to one of the players on the waiting list.

If you will not have access to a computer in time to enter weekly picks, please email us before
hand to discuss options.

Game Cancellation/Postponement
If a game is cancelled/postponed, that game will be thrown out for all players on the week it was
cancelled or postponed (0 confidence points will be awarded). The game will be picked up by all
players on the week it is rescheduled, if it falls on a Sunday.

Determining Weekly Winners
All players will choose a total of 10 NFL teams they believe will win on Sunday. They will rank
these teams from 10-1, with the team they are MOST CONFIDENT will win as the 10 point pick.
The team they are least confident will win, should receive the 1 point slot. If the team you chose
to win is victorious, you will receive the amount of points you allotted to them. If they lose, you
will receive 0 points for that game.
Also, in the event of a tie game, there will be 0  points
awarded for that specific game.

The winner of each match-up will be the team who scores the most points. The maximum score
any team can receive each week is 55 points.

Weekly Points
Regardless of which team wins a particular weekly match-up, both teams will get to keep their
weekly points. These weekly points will help sort the overall Sunday Gridiron Challenge
standings, with the team scoring the most points being ranked ahead of those with the same

Scoring Discrepancies and Errors
If you find a problem with the scoring for a week, you must let us know immediately. All scores
become final once the first game of the next week begins, or after 7 days. Score checking will
be done by two to three officials each week to ensure that each team's correct score and
weekly points are counted.

Determining Teams Making the Playoffs
Based on a 32 team league, the 4 divisional winners in each conference will earn playoff berths.
These teams will be ranked 1 through 4 based on their win/loss records. The other two spots in
each conference will be filled with 2 wild card teams.
The first and second wild card teams will be the teams with the highest win % in the conference
that aren't already in the playoffs. If there is a tie, that tie will be broken with total weekly points
for the season, and then head to head records.

The Sunday Gridiron Challenge playoffs will constitute NFL regular season weeks 14 through 17.

Determining an Overall Champion
The 2018 Sunday Gridiron Challenge Champion will be the winner of the week 17 Championship

Tie Breaking:
There will be two tie breakers this year, which we're confident will break each tie fairly. The tie
breakers, in order of importance and tie breaking are listed below:

1. The first tie-breaker goes to the winner of the highest value game (10-1) won by only one of
the two teams.
Example: You and your opponent win both of your 10 and 9 point games, but only
you won your 8 point game. Therefore, you have the highest value game won by only one team,
and win the tie.
2. (Regular Season) Your season points entering the week. The player with the highest number
in the "Points" column on the standings will win the tie.
(Playoffs) The best seed in the matchup will win the tie.
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