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The 19th Hole Golf Tour will have a total of 12 tournaments in 2020, with a schedule made up of WGC
events, Majors and the Players Championship. January, February, March, April, May and June will have
one tournament each, while July and August will have three each. The playoffs will take place from the
mid-August through late-August. Check the schedule page for the full 2020 19th HGT schedule.

Sign Up:
To sign up for the 19th Hole Golf Tour, visit the Sign Up Page by clicking "Sign Up" on the top of the
main page of The 19th Hole. Fill out all required fields and we will respond and put you on the list
(either players list or waiting list) for the tour.

Each player will submit picks by Wednesday night at 11:59pm ET on any tournament week. Any picks
received after the Wednesday 11:59pm ET deadline will NOT be accepted, and that player will sit out the
tournament. With an 9 tournament regular season, the league will allow one "sit out" before the player
will not be eligible to play in the playoffs.

Players will select 5 golfers each week when the submit their picks. The final tournament results will be
used to calculate scores, with the player who wins the tournament receiving 25 points. Only the top 25
tournament finishers will receive points (25 for 1st, 1 for 25th).
One bonus point will be given to each round winner, and 3 bonus points will be given to the overall
tournament winner. The highest points a golfer can earn per tournament is 32 points (win for 25+3 and
four round bonus points).

Each player will designate one of their golfers each week as their "#1 golfer". This golfer will be worth
double points each week. If someone submits picks and forgets to designate a #1 golfer, they will not
be reminded and will not receive double points for any golfer.

This game will be a "highest points" league, meaning there are no weekly match-ups. Each tournament
winner will have the highest points total from their five golfers each tournament.

Each tournament win will result in 3 bonus points towards the playoffs.

Standings will be kept based on points scored each week by players. Each player will receive points
based on tournament finish, with 25 points going to the winner, 24 points to second, 23 to third and so
on. If more then 25 players play, only the top 25 finishers each tournament will receive points.

Each tournament win will result in 3 bonus points, therefore giving the winning player 28 points.

Tie Breaking:
Ties will be broken using the weekly tie-breaker. When submitting picks, each player will choose the
tournament winner total score to par. Closest to the actual # +/- wins the tie-breaker.

The second level tiebreaker will be season points entering the tournament and then the third level
tiebreaker will be points scored by your designated #1 golfer. If further tie breakers are needed it will go
through higher number of season wins, season top 5's and season top 10's. For the first tournament of
the season, the final results of the previous year will be used when reaching the fourth level.

The 2020 19th Hole Golf Tour will be 9 regular season weeks and a three-week playoff. You can view the
entire 2020 schedule on the 19th Hole Golf Tour Schedule page.

The 19th Hole Golf Tour playoffs will consist of the top 10 players in points following tournament #8.
Points will be re-set for those 10 players.

The player who earns the most points during the playoffs (plus any regular season bonus points) will
be the 2020 19th Hole Golf Tour Champion.

Last Updated on January 15th, 2020
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