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Pick Sheet
Week 14
February 23 - 25, 2018
Picks Due: Thursday February 22nd, by 11:59pm ET
Each player will select three of the four games listed in each period and assign
confidence points to the winners of those games. You MUST select a total of 9
winners, and please pay attention to which games are listed in which period.

As much as possible, Period 1 games will be played on Friday, Period 2 will be
on Saturday and Period 3 will be Sunday. This will not be possible every week
during the season, and will be noted in league emails during those weeks.
Period 1 (Friday, February 23rd)
Minnesota Wild at New York Rangers
Pittsburgh Penguins at Carolina Hurricanes
San Jose Sharks at Chicago Blackhawks
Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights

Period 2 (Saturday, February 24th)
Philadelphia Flyers at Ottawa Senators
Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames
Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens
Buffalo Sabres at Washington Capitals

Period 3 (Sunday, February 25th)
St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators
Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres
Edmonton Oilers at Anaheim Ducks
Vancouver Canucks at Arizona Coyotes