College Basketball Game 2014, brought to you by Rusty Lugnuts, hosted by The Cool Pool
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1. Choose one team per Conference (ACC, A10, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC12 and SEC) with
your total dollar amount spent to be at or under $24.

2. Teams are ranked dollar wise from $6 - $1 based on RPI.

3. Weekly picks will be due each week by
Sunday night at 11:59PM and will be for the games
to be played on the upcoming M
onday through Sunday.

4. The Win/Loss Record of your selected teams combined that week from M
on-Sun will be
your weekly score.

5. Teams will be ranked based on the amount of total wins per week of their selected teams.

6. The top 1/4 of teams would earn 3 wins, the next 1/4 2 win, 1 loss, the next 1/4 1 win 2
losses and the bottom 1/4 3 losses.

7. Weekly ties would be broken by winning pct, then amount of $ spent that week, then total
weekly wins earned to date.

8. There will be 10 weeks of regular season games.

Items 9, 10 and 11 New for 2017-18

9. Weeks 3-10 will count towards your Conference Standings.

10. The 2 teams
in the conference with the most wins that week earn 2 wins, the next 2 teams
1 win, 1 loss, the bottom 2 teams earn 2 losses.

11. The top team in each conference will earn a spot in the championship tournament, with
the remaining (3) spots being filled by at-large teams

2. The remaining teams will play in an "NIT" type tournament to end the season.

3. Team Names will be any Division I or Division II school with a basketball team.

4. Weekly Picks are sent via the picksheet page.
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